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Ok I got the CAI installed with no issues. First time really doing any type of automotive work other than changing oil but I think it went fine. I got everything hooked back up, reconnected battery terminal and put strut tower brace back in.

I then went in and added the preloaded tunes from Steeda (93 octane with CAI) and it went just like the instructional videos said it would.

The ONLY issue was when it was done, I disconnected the tuner and cranked the car there was a semi loud noise and loud knocking from the engjne area. It really caught me off guard and lasted about 2 minutes- sounded like sucking air but the knocking was very very loud. It eventually calmed down and started idling normal at about 1000k. During the loud noise and knocking the RPM's were not high.

I waited a few more minutes and it sounded fine and I took it for a drive and it felt great...better throttle response and a little crisper. Drove for about 10-15 minutes, got some gas and headed home. At no point did I hear any noise like I did when I first cranked it after the tune and CAI install.

Anything to be worried about?

2011 Mustang GT 5.0

Current Mods:

Borla S-Type Axle Backs, Billet GT Fuel Door, Strut Tower Brace, Raxiom Tail Light Sequencers, Airraid CAI, Steeda Race Tune, RTR Racing Stripes, Blacked Out Rear Deck & 5.0 Emblems, Side Louvers.
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