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Originally Posted by WingT88 View Post
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I then went in and added the preloaded tunes from Steeda (93 octane with CAI) and it went just like the instructional videos said it would.

. . .

Anything to be worried about?
hmmmm . . . yeah I would be a bit concerned about that, whenever I have loaded new tunes the car has run pretty much normal from the start, though the idle might be a little off until it "learns" the new tune.

The most important thing is that the tune matches the car (and mods) and the gas in the tank.

Was the "Steeda" tune written for the Airraid CAI that you have; or was it written for a Steeda CAI? If it was for a different CAI there is a good chance that the MAF diameter is wrong/different and that is not what you want.

Also, do you have 93 octane gas in the tank? You don't want to run a 93 tune with anything less than 93 octane gas.

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