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Thanks for all the help guys.

I was just thinking. Do you need to warm the car up first before changing the fluid? And how warm does it need to be? I will have to drive to the garage about 17 miles is that enough?

Also for getting the bolts out to instal the shifter on the trans. Would you say I need an extra long reach socket to get to it? Or one of those special bendy ones? I just have a standard socket set at the moment.
watch the mgw videos it literally explains everything. when the car is on jack stands, place the jack under the transmission to support it. then take the 15 mm nuts off the transmission support and the 4 18mm bolts out of that support. then lower the jack so the transmission is hanging there. You will need a 12-16 inch extension with a deep 10mm socket to get the two nuts off the stock shifter bracket that attatches to the body. you will need a 1/2 inch socket and a 10mm wrench for other bolts. a ratcheting wrench is best but a regular one will work. To slide the bolt out of the top you will need to pull down on the transmission a bit and slide it out. no special tools needed.

17 miles will be plenty warm, probably to warm to touch actually.
Ah okay I see. Only thing I can see being a problem here is I'm using a hydraulic lift to raise the car, don't think there's a way for me to lower the transmission unless I only raise the car to waist level and stick something underneath it. Would that work?

Also check this out, just got this email from Amsoil!?


Thank you for your question. AMSOIL does not recommend either of these two products to be used in your 2011 Mustang GT manual transmission. They do not meet the performance specification requirements and so we would not support their use in your transmission for this reason. For the TR6060 manual transmission you will want to consider using the recommended AMSOIL Signature Series Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) that meets the Mercon 5 spec requirement. Even though this is a manual transmission, Ford calls for this specification and so the ATF is what we recommend and support. If you have the MT82 transmission AMSOIL does not have a product for you at this time
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