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Originally Posted by GrbrBlu View Post
Cold air intakes are for looks and add noise with no air silencers on the intake tube.

- The majority of CAI's use the factory scoop behind the grille, therefore the size of the air entry stays the same.

- The OEM air box lid and intake tube has a inner diameter is 90mm (10mm larger than the OEM throttle body diameter and aftermarket TB's are 85mm and 90mm).

- The OEM air intake assembly with paper filter flows 748.7cfm (C&L performance). The OEM throttle body flows 913cfm (FRPP). Therefore, the OEM TB (which seems to be more than adequate for a stock H/C/I motor) only flows 165cfm more than a stock intake with paper filter. Dropping in a high-flow air filter gains almost the same CFM as the throttle body!

The OEM airbox is sealed, so no hot air from the the engine bay will be pulled in. The stock setup is made of plastic which will have minimal heat soak, unlike some aftermarket setups made with metal tubing.

I would LOVE to see some real dyno pulls (not a magazine trying to satisfy their paying advertisers) of a stock Coyote with an aftermarket CAI and no tune.
See, I read things like this and I wonder if - for my DD non racing needs - I'm better off leaving my stock air box and exhaust (which I grow to like the sound of more every day) and get a tune. Many people seem to say the tune is where it's at been with stock everything else. I have read that many people think the stock air and exhaust on my 06 GT is just fine for a DD guy like me.

If I can get things "tightened up" with a $400 tune and save $250 on a CAI and $500+ on new axle backs and use that money for new plugs and fuel filter, I mat b emitting just fine and have a few hundred left over to get my windows tinted or maybe a start on some new wheels.

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