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I had to take mine off my 12' because it was full of water when I bought the car. I made a makeshift garrote with 2 pieces of thick-walled PVC I had laying around and some thin nylon rope. I drilled a hole through the PVC and threaded the nylon rope through it and tied knots in the ends. Remove the screws holding the spoiler on from under the trunk lid, then get the "rope" under one of the edges of the spoiler and use a slow, steady sawing motion to cut through the double sided tape. The difficult part is removing the left over double sided tape from the car. I used alcohol and the citrus car goo gone. Just coat the tape and let it sit for a while then use a gloved hand/finger to rub the adhesive off (hello blisters . ) Someone on another forum mentioned one of these for removing the adhesive easily without damaging the paint:
I've not tried one but plan to keep an eye out for one next time I'm at harbor freight. I would definitely suggest 3M adhesion promoter on the spoiler before applying the new tape so it doesn't loose it's adhesion once you remount it (DON'T put it on the trunk lid as it could damage the clear coat). I also had to loosen the mounting screws a little after I remounted my spoiler as the center of it was separating from the trunk lid after my initial reinstall...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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