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Originally Posted by freewayflyer View Post
For HPDE track sessions, I plan on getting a dedicated set of wheels/tires. I will be driving to/from the event (50-150 miles). The wheels I want to get are the 18x10 SVE Drifts wearing Bridgestone RE-11s in 285/30-18.

The door jam sticker states the car's tires should have a service load index (SLI) of 100 (1764 lbs). The RE-11s have an SLI of 97 (1609 lbs). My question is this, "Is the difference in load index significant?" and if not, "How did you get the tires mounted?" Most tire shops will refuse to mount a tire not rated to OE specs. In fact, during my research, I noticed a lot of high performance tires have relatively low (below 100) load index values.

well since your car came with the brembo setup (I'm guessing from your sig) it came with 255/40-19 which are 100. But the standard mustang wheels and tires are 97 I believe. So 97 is still mustang rated. Its just not what your car came with. Should work just fine.

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