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Originally Posted by bifftws View Post
I don't want to have to do anything to the car to make the front wheels/tires fit. I use the car mostly as a daily driver with the original stock wheels and tires. Not going to do anything crazy with the camber set up. Rather give up a little time in an autocross race than wear out tires driving back and for to work. I guess my question is can I put 18x10 on the front with a 265 or 275 tires without cast/camber plates to make it work? Budget is a huge issue this year with a new house. American Muscle has some pretty decent deals on 18x10 wheels on closeout but they say they are for rear only.
With the right offset, 265/xx on 18x10 should be a no-brainer.

Here's what 265/40-18 (Michelin PSS) on 18 x 9.5 x ET+45 GT500 wheels looks like. There's not quite a finger's worth of space on the strut side, call it about 0.3" or 8mm (which is really a huge amount of room). On 18 x 10 x ET+42 you'd have essentially the same amount of strut clearance and the outer sidewall would move outward by less than 1/4".

FWIW, I'd really rather put 265/xx on 10's but I'd already bought the 9.5's for 255/45's and they'll only see track time if push comes to shove (either run these for the remaining sessions or don't run at all).


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