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Exclamation Steering vibration on lowered car, heat related...

Originally Posted by dc2r View Post
also wanted to support your claims that it's temp related. my problems don't occur when it's cold or rainy outside, and becomes very noticablwe in warm/hot weather conditions or i'm well into operating temp.

This vibration happened after I put my first set of tires on that did not have reinforced sidewalls. My car is lowered, I ditched the bumpsteer kit suspecting it was the cause after I tried every adjustment height it had. Still had the problem. However, when I experimented with increasing my tire pressure the problem decreased dramatically up until a point. Running at 38-39 psi COLD was the optimum setting in 80 degree low and 110 degree highs in AZ. My car was parked with the wheel turned at an auto parts store, and with 31 psi in the front tires the side-wall was on the ground!!! So my theory is three fold. 1. The alignment is not adjusting for my car being lowered more in the rear than the front. Confirmed this contributor by changing tire sizes and it helped significantly. 2. My Whiteline solid front swaybar and rear swaybar have eliminated the car lean when turning. So the tire is riding on its side when turning (camber issue like the alignment?) and any significant bump or road irregularity sets the tire to wobbling. 3. The non-reinforced side walls are too rubbery in high temps, Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I haven't been able to film this (don't trust friends to not drop my phone LOL).

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