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Originally Posted by minja View Post
Jason...I didn't see the thread you referenced until after I did the tape mod, so I didn't see it. You should try it. It doesn't require taking apart anything. Just making sure your car is off and basically adding a thin wedge where the throttle pedal goes down and back up. You're just eliminating a fraction of that "free play" your pedal had when you stomp on the gas so that your throttle is engaged a fraction of a second quicker. Check out the posts I referenced -- it'll literally take you like a minute or two to try it out to see if it improves the throttle response. I've been happy with my results.
Okay, I'll just have to get the ambition to go out to the garage, pull the cover off the car, and check the bolt holes on the sensor.

Yeah, in those 52 pages there were a bunch of guys doing the tape mod as well. There was even a guy that used a layer of the 3M tape and a penny to reduce the chance of the tape compressing over time and losing its effectiveness.

I think I'm going to explore the rotate-cover option first if it's possible, then go from there. I'm actually thinking of looking at my 04 F150 to see if something like this would work on it, lol.


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