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Requested modification for Vehicle gauge data

Dear William Lambiaso,

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. We appriciate your feedback. We will document this feedback.

In addition to email you may also contact us via:
Phone-800-392-3673; options 1,3,1,2.
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In-Vehicle Technology Team
Ford Motor Company

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------------------- Original Message -------------------
Received: 11/28/2015 5:50 PM
To: Lincoln Email - CRCHELP1
Subject: Feedback Vehicle, Dealer, Ford Motor Company

Questions/Comments:The lack of display information configurations for CUSTOMER DESIRES is not a good sales booster. The information displayed, is geared towards race enthusiasts, not pleasure usage. I would like to have the ability to configure my driving console information, such as digital speed readout, along with miles to refill, and trip mileage. All this information is buried in the Engineering Data screens, but is not configurable to stay on screen once the key is turned off. I don't need race track data, such as fuel ratio data, head temperature, but if someone wants that on their permanent display, they should have the ability to configure those data. This is a simple software fix, across ALL models, and recent model years (with this electronic data). Have your engineers check the Mustang forums for the number of complaints this lack of foresight has produced. Bill Lambiaso, owner 2014 Mustang convertible premium model.

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