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Originally Posted by RWSRWS View Post
It's tire time!

While I'm doing the tires, and possibly an alignment (although the factory Pirelli all seasons are wearing perfectly) it seemed like a good idea to consider upgrading the shocks/struts.
This will either end up a thread all its own or double the size of this one , , , starting with what size wheels you have and what tire sizes you may be considering. But FWIW it's going to be awfully hard to top Michelin's Pilot Super Sport for dry or wet situations and temperatures above maybe 45F.

I have NO INTENTION of tracking this car, and remain unconvinced regarding the need to lower it.
Lowering is not necessary even if you do track your car. The performance improvements do not keep pace with the change in appearance - IOW it may look a lot better to lots of folks but the cornering won't improve by the same amount.

FWIW, I didn't start out expecting to track my car even though I was planning from the get-go to make it better at cornering generally. On-ramps up to maybe an occasional autocross.

I want to maintain or increase the quality of the cars behavior as a DD and for the occasional road trip.

So the question still is........ to re-shock/strut or not?

Koni, Gabriel, Monroe, Brand X whatever......

Or simply do the new tires and leave the factory shocks alone for another 25,000 miles.
Unless the car is starting to feel a little 'float-y' or they're still kind of harsh when the rear wheels go over a bump, you probably don't have to. Gabriels, Monroes, Tokicos, and Brand X are what I might put on a car that I was planning on getting rid of in the near future, which leaves Koni and Bilstein.

Caster camber plates necessary/advisable when not lowering the car?
Probably not, though in some cases the adjustability can be used to get both sides closer to the same readings. I'll make a pitch for Steeda's HD strut mounts here, as they are also adjustable for camber and there's a chance that the OE strut mounts may come apart on removal making you need the strut mounts anyway. There is some pickiness among car years, strut years, and these mounts that you have to keep straight, but it's not all that complicated.


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