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Sorry dude. Bob Wondries sucks. I had to deal with them for work and what you are getting is what they are known for. A bulk of their business is for various fleet services and they give zero zits about anything except billing. I had their tech in a work truck stall out on a hill and get stuck but the next day was told nothing was wrong with a whopper of an explanation; The truck was just cooling down. You know - one of those cool downs when your vehicle goes up hills. Everyone has heard of that. I remember when we purchased the vehicle they said this can only travel on perfectly flat roads - if it goes on a hill it may need a nap...

Simply put go somewhere else. You are wasting time and money at that dealer. Also you are in Alhambra. Why aren't you driving a Toyota or Honda 10 miles under the speed limit?

When I lived in Pasadena, Sarkis at A&A Auto repair took care of me. It is on Colorado Blvd near the Vons on Sierra Madre in an old fire house. If he is still there he always stood by his work even if he ran his shop like a madman. I did not realize how good I had it until I moved and had to find a new mechanic.

Good luck to you.
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