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Originally Posted by PMDmustang13 View Post
Since it is under warranty find out if the dealer is willing to install an aftermarket clutch assembly for you at the difference in cost or at least do the labor for free and you pay for the new clutch assembly.

If not definitely have them replace the clutch assembly with a new Ford OEM clutch assembly.

Hopefully some people with chime in on recommendations for aftermarket assemblies. You will definitely want to seriously think about installing a SS Heavy duty clutch line and the race spec MGW shifter.
Even though I don't want to put anymore money into the newly purchased car and especially when having issues like I am... I did ask the Ford dealer if they could pay labor under warranty and be bring a aftermarket clutch and they said they couldn't do that...

I am still waiting to hear back on if they will 100% replace under warranty to being with, but from the sound of it yesterday and also what I have read online this is a warranty replacement issue.

Just my concern is will this fix the issue or will it come right back?

I do plan to do the SS clutch line when they do the clutch replacement. I am unsure about the shifter as I don't know if I want to mod the car to much while having issues as that opens up the can of worms for them to deny future responsibility is my big hold up there. It seems I am in between a rock and a hard spot...

What are your thoughts with this info?


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