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Originally Posted by Pete Grimaldi View Post
I would at least replace the shifter bushing with an aftermarket bushing, and they are relatively inexpensive. If this improves the shifting issue, you know it will get even better with a new shifter setup. It helped when I did it to my 2012 GT. Also, having the 3.73 rear end and getting into high rpm shifting, these transmissions just don't like that! Mine didn't. The torque on the drivetrain does not keep it aligned to shift cleanly, at least it didn't with my GT until the bushing and shifter were replaced. Same transmission and rear gear on mine, but not the same differential though.

With a little over 11,000 mile a year on the car, the previous owner must have enjoyed the car. At least it didn't sit. I'm not big on modding cars just to modify them, but the shifter bushing is a no brainer, and will not give you any warranty problems. I did that to my current car and it just made it better. And I wasn't really having any problems with it.

So don't panic. You haven't had the car long enough for that. One step at a time.


I am panicking and I think rightfully so. I believe many will probably agree that I should be as I have a $30K car in my garage and day 1 having issues already...

I am being told by Ford that even if they replace the clutch it won't be a permanent fix as it may have the issues on day 1 after replacement or years down the road. They said to expect it on the sooner side of the estimate rather than the farther side.

Just at a current loss for what to do. Working that all out in my head. I mean if there was a clear solution like after clutch replaced I am 100% set I would be all over it, but not sounding like that from the Ford tech I talked to or a local performance shop who told me clutch is huge weak link at stock and if slightly modded trans becomes a weak link. I just want to be able to drive the car like one would expect. The ford dealer literally told me today that if I drive it like a normal person and stay in low RPM's it would be fine. I was like what immmm it is a BOSS Mustang we are talking about that Ford pushed as their "track ready street car" and not a Prius right???... He didn't have much response as expected and shifted the conversation back to replacement and how it wouldn't last and he recommended aftermarket.... I am kind of thinking the aftermarket push is really so once I mod they can deny warranty and any help and then it will be a 100% my problem and not theirs.

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