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Originally Posted by NoVA_Mike View Post
I just had a rash of bad luck with my 2012. My radiator fan went up (changed myself), I have a P0300 code popping up, and I just got my car back after getting rear-ended in November.

Even with an outside extended warranty the radiator fan wasn't covered, and I have to drop the car off for the P0300 code. I love my car but I'm thinking of going the non-modded route. Maybe I'm just getting paranoid, but for the first time I'm starting to feel like she's running a VERY taut string. I don't want it to break on me.

I think I may wait until the next GT500 or Jeep Hellcat comes out, but if I get ANY indication that this car is about to turn into a garage queen before then I may go find myself in a Challenger Hellcat or an M4 (wife is pressuring for the BMW). Yes... I'm the guy who cross shops like that.
What did the P0300 code mean?

Does your car have FI? Is that why you think you're pushing it too hard?

Both of our cars are 5 years old now, so stuff going wrong is normal.

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