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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
Red Line MTL in the transmission will help too.
Just saw this. Thanks and will discuss with dealer.

Originally Posted by Pete Grimaldi View Post
Here is a link to the Boss 302 forum on the SVTPerformance site. I think that these guys have been experiencing the same things. There are more Boss 302 owners at this site.
Any consensus on Boss trans/clutch/shifter issues at this point?

I will take a look there. Thanks Pete!

Originally Posted by replacement View Post
When I buy a used car I Really don't concern myself much with warranty coverage. I consider used perfomance vehicles both two and 4 wheel to be a little bit of a gamble.

Maybe have the dealer put in the new clutch and sell the car and move on. Or have a shop put in an aftermarket clutch and welcome to the family. How much coverage is left on a 2013? I think my 2013 is out or nearly out of coverage. Are you able to do the clutch yourself?
For me warranty is everything. I try not to consider even modding until warranty is out or almost out. I have had many Mustangs so I am not new to Mustangs or performance cars.

I hope a dealer can get the car driving like it should and I can enjoy the car stock or close to it for a while.

Warranty expires in March so next month or around 2,000 miles. So 3yr/36K is about out. It still has some time on the drivetrain though. Clutch is not part of drivetrain from what they tell me it is only covered by 3/36K. So barley covered on that one. THANKFULLY!

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