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MT82 Transmission cars should be Dynoed in 5th gear 1:1

MT82 6 Speed Manual Transmission Gear Ratios

MT82 (5.0L V8 Mustang)
  • Input Shaft - 26 Spline
  • 1st - 3.66
  • 2nd - 2.43
  • 3rd - 1.69
  • 4th - 1.32
  • 5th - 1.00
  • 6th - 0.65
MT82 Specs - MT82 Transmission

The HP figures wont show a lot of difference but you will get torque multiplication using a lower gear affecting the end results.

As I understand it you should not be able to use a dyno with traction control on, as soon as the rear wheels do more revolutions that the front the traction control will reduce power and apply brakes as required to remedy the situation.
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