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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
|With that logic we should be able to retrofit 1967 drum brakes to the front and stop those 8.5" wheels just the same.

It's about precisision, repeatability, a more distributed pad load for less fade and a larger thermal mass to absorb the conversion of kinetic energy to heat.
There is a massive difference between old drum brakes and modern disc brakes, there's no comparison. The difference between Brembo and standard Mustang brakes means very little in comparison to the difference better tires make.

For a one stop test, the same Mustang with the only difference being standard versus Bembo brakes, there will be little if any difference in stopping distance. Brembo brakes are for repeated stops, and dissipating heat better, that's where they shine.

If all one does is street driving, the Brembo brakes mean almost nothing.

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