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Originally Posted by Blackpenguin69 View Post
you aren't going to see a difference in performance with a 3 vs a 2.75 unless you are boosted most likely. 3 inch systems take up a lot of room underneath the car. If your lowered you will have a hard time getting it setup in the right position so it doesn't scrape the axle or body. My friend it dealing with that right now with his 3 inch magnaflows.
I guess I'm just one of those stubborn people. If I'm not mistaken, only Borla makes a 2.75" version for the 13-14 GT. I'm not too worried about performance right now. In time, I eventually want to go with a Roush phase 1 supercharger, which is why I wanted to upgrade to 3 inch pipes. My car is only lowered one inch, not sure if I'll have scraping issues. I'm going to have to think about this a little more. Who knows, I might even go with another brand, although I have to admit, I love Borla exhaust systems.
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