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Originally Posted by PMDmustang13 View Post
Very interesting as you certainly have gotten great dyno results. A lot of it appears to be due to using a ported cobra jet manifold, special throttle body, and an AED tune. I assume you used a dynojet dyno.

I have the same headers with the cats, stock manifold, and Bama tunes and can only manage about 380 hp. I have the kooks catless pipes purchased already but I think my car would get way to loud since it is pretty loud right now. I am tempted to find out what it sounds like and what my gains might be. And after that I am strongly considering an AED tune but not sure if he can tune with Diablosport tuner.


When my car had stock headers I already had the ported CJ Manifold, TB, intake, O/R H and axle backs.

The newer numbers were headers only and swapping to a different O/R H.

It was done on a Dynocom which is the same dyno AED uses which is extremely accurate.

I had some knock in mid-upper range. I'm hoping to go back with 100 Octane or higher and shoot for 450+ RWHP.

I respect Bama as a business, but, they have nowhere near the knowledge of 5.0's as Lund or AED. Everyone I've seen switch from Bama made more power and the car felt a lot stronger and drove better. For basic mods like an intake, Bama is a good choice. For mods more extensive, custom tune should be the only choice.

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