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Originally Posted by devildog1679 View Post
So I had my headlights retrofitted with HIDs, Halos and LED strip as well as well as switchback turn signal. The Halos and LED strip also have a switchback function. From what I understand the Halos LED strip have to be connected to the signal wire on the parking light in order to enable the switchback function when turning. I also have to add a resistor to the signal wire to prevent hyper flashing. They also have to be grounded to the car or the ground wire on the parking light.

My question, instead of splicing in three different wires(halo, led strip, resistor) into the signal wire can I just splice those into a fourth wire than only splice the fourth one into the signal wire. This should work correct? I guess another route is to have all three twisted together at the end than solder that end to the signal wire. Which way would be best?
It needs to be on the power wire. since the led pull less power the resistor is there to soak up some of the power. If you just put it on the signal wire then it wont effect the power and the hyperflash will still happen. You could, however try to wire all the lights up to a resistor in the blank spots in the fuse box under the hood. that would make it look more like a factory install and it would only require 1 resistoor

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