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Hmm, so I guess I need a tune to do better than 5 sec? I thought automatic cars these days (particularly performance car autos) had pretty much hit parity with the manual versions, so I really didn't think too much about the performance capability being any different on the auto vs the manual in stock form. Is it more down to the gear ratio, or just the flat out ability of how quickly the auto can shift? I have a friend who still insists that automatics are all just as fast as the manual version of the same car, but all I keep seeing now that I look is evidence showing the manuals besting the autos unless they miss a gear. My other car (Maxima) in auto form squeaks out a miserable 7 something second 0-60, with the manual it drops down to 5.9 seconds, but I thought most autos from 10+ years ago were pretty poor performance wise explaining the big difference.

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