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The actual cost difference between a 2016 Base V6 with 051A Package and a Base Ecoboost is actually only ...

$505.00 MSRP or $237.00 Invoice

To realistically compare the two ... apples-to-apples ... you must ADD the 051A package to the V6 which adds the 18" wheels & Tires, Fog Lights, Power Drivers Seat, and Rear Spoiler that the Base EB comes standard with.

The Base EB also comes with ...
* Diamond Mesh Aluminum Dash Trim (think this is nicer looking than the V6, Premium or PP dash)
* More HP & Torque with a broad flat torque curve that starts around 1500 RPM
* Direct Injection & Twin-Scroll Turbo with 15 PSI Boost
* 3.31:1 Rear Axle (vs. 3.15 on V6)
* Active Grill Shutter System for improved aerodynamics
* 6-Way Power Passenger Seat
* Smart Charging Alternator
* Real possibility of Improved MPG's in my 400 mi/week drive cycle (EPA rating of 22/31 vs. 19/28 of V6)

Definitely worth the extra $237.00 and why I chose it over staying with a V6 !!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my 2011 V6.


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