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People saying you need to be able to hook and handle are correct. 420 horse stock is pretty damn good. Lower control arms are a good place to start along with a tune. BMR makes quality suspension upgrades at a nice cost. My tune is from Steeda, they arent the most aggressive in their tunes, which is also why they have never had a failure in their tunes. Eventually or right away like myself you'll want a louder car, the GT500 exhaust is a nice place to start. I also did a resonator delete (really makes a difference for real cheap) and added long tube headers with an offroad x pipe. Headers made the car a little faster, but even if it didnt, the sound alone is worth it. I also installed a panhard bar and a strut tower brace, the brace firmed up the front a little, and the panhard bar did a pretty big amount of impact imo.
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