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Originally Posted by RoboStang View Post
There are enough negative reviews on that site to cause me to think twice (at least) about buying from them. What is interesting is what people have to say about how they treat customers. I only traded a few e-mails with them and I had already formed a less than positive opinion of their attitude towards customers.
Yeah, the whole situation was a nightmare, and I feel like most any business would have made it right - offer free overnight shipping, refund shipping costs, whatever, but the fact that I got the runaround constantly, then still had to pay shipping costs, pissed me off. It's obvious that they're a Mickey Mouse operation, and can't even treat their customers correctly. I'll gladly pay a couple bucks extra for quality service. I've seen AM and CJPP go way above and beyond for their customers, but BBR couldn't be bothered.


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