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Originally Posted by PMDmustang13 View Post
Different brands sell bottles of brake fluid with different sizes. Please see the chart.

The ATE comes in 33.8 oz cans = 1 Litre. I believe this is the link for information I used when I was trying to determine how much to purchase for a complete flush of the brake system. I had the Ford Dealer perform the 1st flush for sure, and I think the 2nd flush and then I installed the Vorshlag lines with my left over fluid.

How much brake fluid to flush system? -

I am pretty sure both flushes used at least 1.5 litres = 50.7 oz. That ends up being about 3.2 pints at 16 oz per pint.

So I still believe you need to purchase 2 quarts or 2 litres for flushing to be on the safe side. I went even safer going with 3 since it was my first time and it worked out great the 2nd time since I lost fluid when I installed the lines.
I agree, 100%. There is quite a bit of fluid, and you don't want to get cut short. I don't think 3 pints would work. On other vehicles, I've always grabbed 3 quarts/liters, and if I had a little extra, oh well. Then again, I was using fluid that cost $8 a quart, rather than $20+.


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