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So little update. Car headaches are still there, but improving I hope... I was told I would drop my car off and pick it up 1-2 days later. After leaving my car at the local dealer for a week while waiting on parts to arrive I had the clutch replaced (warranty) and at the same time they installed the "Ford Racing High Performance Clutch Fluid Line (05-14 GT)" that is the Stainless Steel line. (At my cost and yes I probably paid more for the name, but both AmericanMuscle phone customer service rep and dealer said it is the better/best option...)

After picking it up I asked if they could show me the old clutch just to see it just for myself and to see if I thought it could have been a bad clutch. Also to of course see what it can tell me about the way they car had been driven by previous owners. They said they couldn't show it to me as they had already boxed up and sent out to Ford somehow in the same day it was removed after waiting a week for the new one to arrive... I am just hoping it was actually replaced. haha I have faith and trust it was as for the most part the service manager and tech seemed like great and also knowledgable people.

So first thoughts are it seems to feel 99% better. Of course until after the 500 mile new clutch break in period I won't know for sure, but so far feels like it corrected the issue.

To sum up old issues:
Issue #1 Clutch heavy when above 4-5K RPM'S and shifting. (Seems fixed)
Issue #2 Clutch sticking when shifting in high RPM's. (Seems fixed, but won't know until after break in when I really try.)
Issue #3 Lockout when shifting in high RPM's and fast. (Won't know until after break in when I really try.)
Issue #4 A odd shhhhhhhhhhh sound coming from rear of car. Sounds like running water and can be heard anytime car is in motion inside the car with winnows up. Also can really be heard when driving in between buildings and car is moving. It stops when car stops. (Still there and hasn't been told to dealer yet. Was hoping they would notice on test drive for other issues.)

New issue:
Issue #5 Is a "new" noticed issue, but sounds like tire whine, but is only really there when using the gas pedal. When you let off the gas and coast on the HWY it goes away. It goes away when coasting in gear or out of gear, but the second you are in gear and push the gas pedal it starts right back up whining... So thinking diff whine as I have read this is pretty bad with the Torsen Helical diffs. Possibly related is some clunking going on as well that may be related to the whine when letting off and then getting back on it as it clunks and whine is gone and then push gas pedal and clunk again then whine comes back or could this be driveshaft related?

Keep in mind I have only had the car in my possession less than a couple days as majority of the time dealer had it. I have put very little miles on since purchasing so I am still noticing things as I pay more attention and drive it more.

Sorry for the long post! Hope everyone is doing well!

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