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Ill reference this thread for the various equations.
This info is on many different forums. I found a spreadsheet on some site a while back that uses to do all the rmp/speed ratios. To determine the final drive ratios just multiply the transmission ratio x rear gear.
The manual
1st 3.66
2nd 2.43
3rd 1.69
4th 1.32
5th 1
6th 0.65

1st 4.17
2nd 2.34
3rd 1.52
4th 1.14
5th 0.87
6th 0.69
Multiply these by the 3.15, 3.73, or 4.10 to get the final drive.

You can see that after 1st the automatic is set up to be more of a grand tourer than a sports car. Even with a 4.10 rear 3-5th is still steeper in the manual with 3.73s

btw, thanks for the wielding tip. I hadn't ran across that thread before

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