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Wrench Light / Please Help :(

I'm having issues with the stupid wrench light. Light comes on when I floor it (4/5rmps), and then goes into limp mode. Its a 91R tune I had installed. I switched it back to stock and floored it to see if I had the same issue. Nothing happened; ran fine. Only when I had the tune installed. I've unstalled/ reinstalled 3/4 times already by different tunes from BAMA and still getting the same issue. So I'm wondering if any of you guys know why I'm having this issue? Bad tune? Don't think my throttle sensor/ wiring is bad because would caused the same issue when I floored it in stock mode? I feel like if I keep going back n fourth to tune/stock it's going to F up my ECU. First time I installed this tune I got a code after the engine light and the wrench came on... Po61B: Internal Control Module Torque Calculation.. This code never appeared again after I returned it back to stock. The second I got the updated tune, the wrench still came on/ no code. Went away after I turned the car off. Called BAMA and told me that my power code and the strategy code didn't match so they "fixed" it so I got the third tune... Still having the problem.

13' Ford Mustang GT
BAMA tune Oct 91
Few mods

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