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Drive cycle & Rejected emissions - help!

I live in Vegas and was up for emissions/registration last week. Took it in to Jiffy Smog (same place last year w/no issues) and got rejected for emissions as if the drive cycle was not completed.

Got a 15 day extension. A week prior, same dealership pulled my battery for routine maintenance and this obviously cleared my drive cycle. I'm well aware of all the steps involved in getting it completed but cannot get it to show ready to save my life.

Dealership also kept it for 48 hours and tried multiple attempts to no avail. I've put hundreds of miles on it trying to get the cycle done and the 3 following sensors still show not ready:

CAT (catalyst monitor),
O2S (O2 sensor monitor), and
HRT (O2 sensor heater monitor).

I have a BAMA tune w/steeda CAI. Been in touch with BAMA and they say the tune should have nothing to do with the readiness.

Ford would not do any further troubleshooting because of the mods. Worse case, I'll have to revert everything back to stock w/stock airbox but am trying to avoid that since my speedo will be off since I'm running 3.73 gears w/315,35,20's in the rear. (auto tranny)

Any help would be great.

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