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Originally Posted by KC3333 View Post
Glad your clutch issue is on its way to resolution.

I have not had clutch or lockout issues, thankfully. I'd read it was more frequent for tracked Bosses so I didn't sweat it.

I do have the hiss. I looked over the brakes and since it wasn't them, didn't worry about it. I am now out of 3/36, but if it's the diff, perhaps it's still under 5/60. I'll read up. If it's normal, I'll leave it alone. The exhaust covers it up nicely anyway.

In my reading, the biggest disappointment for these cars is how truly ill prepared they were for the track. That didn't bother me since I'm not tracking mine, ever.

I would go ahead and have that hiss/diff checked under warranty, esp. if you've found a willing dealer.

I like bossmustangsonline for lots of owner experiences with the Boss. I pulled the trigger on buying a 1500-mile used Boss (from Ford) after reading the issues (and great experiences) over there.

Think positive. Hopefully your clutch issue is resolved, Worst case: you get the issues corrected under warranty and you sell it at no loss, if you can't trust the car long term. From what I've read tho-you'll have more than a little investment to make the car trackable.

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Yeah I don't really anticipate doing many track events if any to be honest as well none are very close. I really just want to be able to drive the car on the street and take it to car events/shows. I bought it as I wanted a Mustang I wouldn't see everywhere. So my goal is to just get it running, driving, and sounding normal for a nice weekend car.

The rear end noises I am hearing are very annoying. The shhhhhhhhhhhhh sound and the whining sound are both annoying. I am assuming they are both coming from the diff, but don't know. I will post back what the dealer says when I have it checked out this weekend?

Does your tranny whine any or no? I noticed tonight mine seems to have a faint trans whine, but hard to really nail it down and differentiate it between the rear end whine and shhhhh noises I am having... It doesn't whine nearly as loud or bad as my 2011 5.0 so that is a positive I guess. haha

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