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FI Road Course Track Engine Build


I have purchased a 2011 GT with a bad engine (hole in block).

The original plan when I bought the car earlier this week was to just buy a motor from a wrecker and install and start my track suspension build. But after researching cams and bolt ons and finding marginal HP gains, I decided I should look at a forged bottom end and go FI. Been looking at the Aluminator short blocks, 11.5 and 9.5 compression. I talked to Ford Racing today and they have done a change up on the Aluminator block to the 2015 block and the price has gone up $1200 on the short blocks. MSRP is now $6695, vs $5495. Old part number is not available.

Goals in terms of HP - My dad just ordered a 2016 Z06 Vette, so it would be nice to keep up with him. I think 650-750hp crank is plenty for this chassis on a road course. Although it would be cool to have 800rwph, it would not be all that usable on the track. And at this point I dont want to be upgrading the driveline.

My local shop has suggested going with a Roush 2300 TVS phase 3 kit. 675HP

I have also been looking at the JCP single turbo kit. Gives me better flexability for dialing the HP I want and potential for bigger power should I decide to invest in driveline upgrades.

Anyone running the JCP or other turbo kits at the track? Is heat an issue?
What about SC guys running on the track?

What are the thoughts on the Aluminator short blocks?

Thanks for your help!

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