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Originally Posted by MustangLife View Post
Thanks for explaining. I forgot about that. The factory 444 is crank where in the AM description they are claiming 60+ wheel HP so that makes the difference larger, but I guess since they are saying in the 60+ hp gain is across the curve and not the actual PEAK. Still a little confused, but I am starting to get it. haha
Again, it may not be 60+ across the whole powerband...but the highest gain between the pre-mod pull and post-mod pull was 60hp at a certain rpm...could have at 3500rpm, 4500 rpm, 2500 rpm...the marketing and advertising does not state it becuase all 'we' as consumers want to see is "60+HP" (or so they think)....most consumers will equate that to PEAK gain and that's what the advertisers want us to equate it to.

AND, I want to add...adding more AREA under the dyno curve increases your AVG horsepower which is a GOOD thing. It's not all about the Peak increase. We are too prone to concentrate on the peak power number when we only spend a fraction of the time at that peak RPM/HP. Area under the curve is VERY important.

Another thing to keep in mind, when they say "PEAK Gain" really they mean the highest gain between the before and after at any given RPM (again could be at 3500rpm, 2500rpm, etc...). I'll say it again...the devil is in the details...or wording

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