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I work at a dealer as a tech so I mounted my own tires and balanced them, I torqued all the lugnuts to 95lbs, my problem is not vibration, my car is very smooth at highway speeds as far as tire vibrations. And I have had my wheels for 1.5 years now and this is the 3 set of tires I have on the rear, all previous tires including Pirellis Corsas that were similar to these nittos as far as grip did not have this problem. The last set was a pair of Michelin Pilot Sports, they did not grip for crap but they handled directional input better than these nittos. Im going to try and bump up the tire pressure 42 psi tomorrow to stiffen the tire up and see if that fixes the issue. Today while driving I aimed my mirror down to take a look at my sidewall and while moving the steering wheel left and right I could see the sidewall flex and that is with 32 psi. Nitto told me from their calculation that the equivalent air pressure or this tire on my car was 25.5 psi when converted from the stock pressure and stock wheel and tire size, but 25 psi is way to low to be driving everyday , it probably works at the drag strip but not the street. Anyways lets see if increasing the tire pressure will stiffen the sidewalls to not flex so much and cause the rear to wobble so much. And I have already looked everywhere and visited other forums of people having the same issue when putting new tires in their car and its always a high performance tire with soft compound. Other people are saying to break them in but comeone does a tire really needs to be broken in, a nice hot burnout should do it.
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