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You can use the elcheapo cube with various tits on it to fit various calipers. They cost about $5. One which I purchased DID NOT FIT the caliper I was working on and I had to return it and get my money back. I used one for years and it is a real ***** to try and twist and apply pressure on the free caliper piston. Even with someone holding the piston it takes several minutes and a lot of strength to get the piston in. Also MAKE SURE you have the piston with the groove in the same position it was when you started or the brakes might sieze up. There was also a problem on the 2005 Mustangs with the emergency brake cable freezing up when water got into the end. There was a TSB or recall on this and it happened on our 2005 Mustang. They had to replace the cable and the caliper. I finally broke down and got the compression tool at Harbor Freight and now changing any rear brakes with the twist in pistons is a breeze. On some cars one side twists in clockwise and the other side counterclockwise. The HF tool has both the CW and CCW twisters and about a dozen different heads to fit almost any caliper made. On sale it is about $35.
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