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Originally Posted by dmastin View Post
Just got my 2012 Mustang and am prepping for my first track day. I purchased some HP Plus pads and installing the fronts was a breeze.

When I moved to the rear, first, the caliper took a TON of forced to slide off the pads. When I put in my disc pad spreader to compress the piston, the piston would not recess back into the caliper even after a TON of pressure. I even tried loosening the bleed valve and the caliper still would not budge. I tried hard enough that my disc pad spreader even broke.

This happened on both sides of the rear, as well.

Can anyone tell me if this may be normal and perhaps I'm missing something???
I have to do the same maintenance myself (2012 GT500 Shelby) within the next few weeks, will let you know if I encounter any similar problem.
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