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Originally Posted by mnblk5.0 View Post
i want to get the whole koni yellow set up but im not there yet, so can I just change the rear shocks? don't have the $ to do the front and the new caster camber plates that are required.

would it make the ride quality horrible having good shocks in rear and stock up front?

should I just wait and do it all at once?
You can put them on now with no worries.

Set them somewhere between full soft and one quarter of a turn up from full soft.

When I got the yellows for my '08, Koni had just started to re-engineer the endlink brackets on the struts (IIRC, there was a weld failure problem at the time). Took nearly a whole year for the new design struts to filter down through the pipeline, and in that time there was never any issue with running OE struts paired with Koni shocks.


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