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Barton Industries Mustang Short Shifter and Two-Post Bracket - MT-82 2011BM2PB (11-14 GT, V6, BOSS) - Free Shipping

Installed the shifter 2 weekends ago in my garage in about 20 minutes. Had already purchased and installed the 2 post bracket a few months ago and it too can be installed on jack stands without removing anything other than the factory bracket/bushing (2 bolts). The bracket tightened up slop in the shifter quite a bit but I still had occasional grinding into gears. The shifter decreased the throws by around 40% so instead of grabbing the knob and moving your hand/arm to shift you can rest your palm on the shifter and push the car through the gears with a flick of you fingers if you want to. Shifting is faster and gears are closer together and the shifter has a nice mechanical feel with clicks into each gear and I have not experienced any grinding since the install.
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