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Ok guys sorry I have been away for some days, well I lowered the tire pressure to 30 psi and the car feels way better, like the nitto rep said lowering the pressure helped. Its funny because my front tires are some use takeoffs from a Mercedes benz s class and they are Michelin runflats 275/40/19 just like the rears, im pretty sure these tires are playing a role on how the rears behave because of how hard those tires are and runflats I guess act different. Well as far as for the person that was wondering on the nt555 g2, get them, I love the tires, they got decent thread wear at 320 and they hook really good, not like drag radials but man once heated up they stick to the ground. I think having it at 36 psi was too high and caused the tire to ballon a bit and that's why I was getting that looseness sensation on the rear.

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