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Originally Posted by candersen View Post
Having a manual and 3.55 gears, I find I start a lot from 2nd gear, especially doing the slight rolling stops. My combo is still stock but I feel that if I had 3.73's then 1st would be almost useless given how quickly I have to shift to 2nd already. I can imagine just how much worse it would be with more power. The engine stock already has more than enough power to max anything you could put to the tires in 1st gear. So for me I wouldn't go to 3.73's as I don't think I could shift the MT82 fast enough to make it anything but slower than with 3.55's. I know there are a lot of opinions about what is best, but for me the 3.55's seem the best ratio for power whether stock or modified. Plus I still get over 24MPG at 75MPH, more if I keep it legal..........
3.55s in mine too. Also start a lot from 2nd gear. I'm really happy with the 3.55s
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