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P0301, p0300 & p0303

While making a right turn just a few blocks from home yesterday my car suddenly felt like it was bogging and chugging along with no power. The exhaust (Borla Axle Backs) sounded funny too. I noticed the CEL was blinking shortly after that but after maybe 30 seconds it stopped. The engine seemed to be running normally again and it ran fine the rest of the 20 miles to and back from my daughters house. I found the above codes in the computer memory, did a little googling and decided to check the cylinder 1 & 3 plugs, coils etc, as I'd read of a few cases were they were found loose (I think the P0300 code gets thrown anytime you have more than one cylinder misfiring).

Everything seems to look fine. The car has about 27K on it and there's been a Ford Racing Pro-Cal 91 octane tune in it for about a year and a half.

I erased the codes and drove the car to work this morning (46 miles) without further issue.

Any idea what happened and what to do if it returns?

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