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I have a '13 GT, Ford Pro-Cal tune from dealership. With k&N filter and roush axle backs.

recently the ford dealer at golf mill said they would inspect my car with the oil change, "may" have reset PCM, or cleared codes ....

shop manager swears they did nothing, or whatever was done wouldnt affect my tune .... 5,000 forum posts and articles read later, I'm at 50/50 if anything can disrupt this tune. some "experts" say yes, some say no. (clearing the PCM that is)

long story short, I got Ford to resend me another replacement Pro-Cal tuner with my cars tune on it. Problem is I dont know if the tune is still on my car or not. and rather than follow the instructions to leave my mustang running for 2+ hours while the tuner re-downloads the tune, I'd like to know first if i have to, and then maybe I can even sell the tuner with the tune on it if I dont need it ! +++

anyone know where I can go (shop, etc...) to have them determine if my tune is on there ? Chicagoland and suburbs .... ?

any way to use the current tuner to first determine if the original tune is there ?

and before anyone says or asks ....
(i dont want to go back to golf mill ford as they are the ones that I am disputing about the work that may have caused my tune to disappear)
(no, I cant feel if the tune is gone, ... it's not that big of a feel in pants mod)
(yes i've called some other Ford dealerships service departments around NW Chicago, some say they dont have the tool to test if the tune is there (probably a lie), some say they dont do custom work (another lie, because a Ford dealer installed this tune and custom work from the original buyer here in Illinois)
(yes i've talked to Ford racing department 800 number, they are not very helpful, and they even suggested I call Roush, which doesnt make sense)

so I have put in the effort, too much if you ask me, and would like any additional help you guys can offer !!!

this is what I have ....

Ford Racing K&N Mustang Air Filter with ProCal Tuner M-9603-MGTB (11-14 GT) - Free Shipping
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