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Originally Posted by OkieHick View Post
I've concluded that what I am hearing is NOT drone.

Yes, at idle. But I get the nice note when I give it gas....

I'm not upset.
Future tense, my friend "is going to" not "you are"....

You'd know drone if it was it. Fords works extremely hard to tune their factory exhaust to not do this, as it is irritating and would generate customer complaints.

Drone tends to feel like it is resonating the body of the car. A flat off-key sound that doesn't really alter until you get out of the rev range producing it. Flowmasters are best at doing this and drone is particularly pronounced on automatic cars because they tend to remain in low ranges of rpm longer and aren't typically manually shifted out of the drone zone by drivers.

My car came with some gawdawful Thrush welded mufflers out back the dealer put on, thinking they were being helpful. Sitting at idle, they sounded ok but, man, they droned on like a Senator trying to filibuster the house at any normal driving operation. They were so bad I pulled them and put on an old pair of stockers I had from my last S197 and binned those until I got my GT500 mufflers back off my wrecked 2012 GT. All is right with the world now, with those on.

I drag race my car alot and when I go to the track I run in the Outlaw Class because they prep the track and I'm running slicks. So, I'm usually lined up with some race big block or 2000 horsepower car so, I have to check the tacho to see if I actually turned my car on in the lanes or not.

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