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Originally Posted by 85258 View Post
Planning my suspension build and looking for recommendations from those that run their cars on Road course. What do you run, what do you like about it, what would you change?

I plan to run my car on track 5 or 6 times a year and cars is an occasional driver on street. I am okay with a firm ride but nothing race car stiff. I don't want to spend $3k plus on CO. Height adjustability would be nice. I am planning a watts link, LCAs, camber/caster plates, adjustable sway bars.
Originally Posted by 85258 View Post
I will do all these mods at once.

Let me suggest doing otherwise. You don't yet know what you'll really need when you start picking up the pace.

8 years or so ago I was where you are now, had a whole list of mods in mind for my '08 GT. Then I stopped and thought about it a bit and basically just drove the car. Then I got shocks & struts, some camber adjustability, adjustable sta-bars (and better endlinks while I was at it). But the biggie was better and wider tires on wider wheels. Later on, I did rear LCAs after being informed at a service visit that the OE LCA bushings were on their way out (poly/nonmetallic spherical, FWIW).

Then the track bug bit, the tires eventually got better and wider again, as did the wheels. Now I need more roll stiffness, and I've known for a while that I need more spring (nose dive under braking). But since a spring change is likely to drive a change in sta-bar adjustment and possibly a different rear bar, it hadn't been worth doing until now. Basically, observe before you try to solve.

But anyway, here's what shocks, struts, -2°camber, and 285/35-18 MPSS tires on 11" wide wheels can do for you out on the track (Aim Solo datalogging) with what's really only minimal suspension work. I'm not crediting the LCAs for much except that they probably make the hard driving easier to do comfortably and with more composure. Instructors love composure . . .

FWIW, the Koni problem seems to revolve around excessive lowering - and/or possibly overloading the trunk, which drives the rear of the car down as if it was lowered and still on soft springs. They should have enough damping for the H&R rates, just probably not adequate compression travel.


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