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Originally Posted by jeg11010 View Post
I've been looking into buying a GT for quite some time now. Was planning on pulling the trigger in the fall but decided to wait until the spring due to being located in the Northeast.

Currently looking at a 2011 6 speed manual GT premium, black leather trim, kona blue exterior, Brembo brakes and the 19" wheels that come with the Brembo package. Pretty stock otherwise (no HIDs, no heated seats, no NAV, etc). Very clean inside and out. 30k miles. Dealer is asking for $21,890. Seems to be a decent price considering my location, mileage, and condition. Maybe I can get down closer to $21k. Does that seem like a good deal? This will be my first purchase through a dealer so I'm not sure exactly how much room there is on a used car like this.

My main concern is the transmission. I did not notice any issues with the transmission when taking it out for a test drive. However, I've read a lot about the MT-82 transmission and it seems to be hit or miss with the early '11 5.0s. Should this be a concern when buying used? Is there a preventative fix to these issues or is it just a matter of time before it becomes a major problem? My budget is really in the 25k max range but I would like to leave some room for some upgrades so really the only alternative to the 2011 automatic or a 2012 manual. I really would prefer a manual though. My other option would be to hold off until next year and get a '13 or '14.

Any input would be appreciated. I've done quite a bit of research online in the past few months so I'm fairly familiar with these cars but any advice to someone who is looking to buy their first 5.0 GT would be great. Thanks
My 2011 had problems in cooler weather and 2nd gear. Crunch and Miss and Grind. My 2014 has the same issue, though not nearly as bad. If I drive on a cold day, I shift 1-3 or just start in 2nd, until the Transmission warms up. In the heat, the car is great!

2014 Sterling Grey 5.0 Brembo
* ROUSH Axle-Back Exhaust
* JLT Oil Separator (Passenger)
* RAXIOM Tail Light Sequencer
* BAMA Tune (91-Perf / 93-Race)
* 20% Tint

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