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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
The only sequence is the sequence that has been used on every car since the beginning of time. Furthest wheel out from the MC, then gradually move in to the nearest one. It'll be fine that way.

It depends on the brakes. BPP cars do not start from the farthest point from the master cylinder. You start with the right front inner/outer, then the left front inner/outter, then the right rear, then the left rear.

I also had to replace my left rear caliper, and getting the brake system bled properly was a PITA until we figured out the sequence was different.

Understanding the OP has a Roush car, an option they offered were up-rated brakes similar to the Brembo brakes. So, if the OP has those brakes, he needs to contact Roush and see if there is a specific sequence for bleeding them.

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