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Originally Posted by MustangLife View Post
If you can't tell a difference in 3.15's and 3.75's you need to turn the keys to your mustang in because you are doing it all wrong and must either be using your Mustang as a grocery getter or a garage queen. haha The difference would be pretty noticeable or I guess I should say in my opinion. I mean people claim they notice a huge difference between 3.73 and 4.10 and recommended that all day.

Have you ever done a gear swap? I would assume you have since you have in your signature a built Mach 1. Anyway a friend and I did a gear swap on his Mustang I think from 3.15's to 3.75 or maybe 4.10 and it was a night and day difference. Granted this was on an older Mustang, but gearing should be gearing unless I am missing something. I speak from experience and not out by you know what...

So yeah idk what to tell you or really how to respond...
Yes I've done plenty of gear swaps on cars over the years. In previous years it was a good mod, but not in these cars. There is ZERO benefit on these autos to go from 3.15's to 3.73's. NONE.

So unless you have first hand experience here with THESE cars I would suggest you keep quiet. I do have personal experience here and know FIRST hand the 2011 auto cars do not benefit from a gear change to 3.73's or 4.10's. My 2011 ran low 11's N/A on 3.15's tuned by me.

Yes you're definitely missing something here, the aggressive gearing in the 6R80. Read some of the others comments here as well. They agree with me.

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