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Pre-purchase Questions..

Alright everyone, new member here. Been lurking for a good while but finally decided to create an account since I am officially in the market for a Mustang. I just sold my old car a few days ago so I began looking for a deal on a 11-14 GT.

Got some questions.

1. I found a really good deal on a 2011 GT, clean carfax, low miles, etc. Since the '11 is the first model year is it advisable to keep looking for a '12+?

2. I know all about the transmission issues with these 6 speeds. Is their any recommended "tests" I can do while on the test drive?
2a. I heard the BlowFish Racing Transmission Bracket corrects these issues, is this correct or is it still hit or miss?

3. How common is the "BBQ" Tick or the "Oil Change" Tick? I tried combing through the 55 page Sticky about it but was getting overwhelmed ha.

I just want to cover my bases before pulling the trigger on one and don't want to be let down.

I was going to get a 370z as my next car but was disappointed in the lack of power.

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