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No. The 2.66 has much wider spacing. Although they both have a 1:1 4th gear.

Check out the ratios here TREMEC MAGNUM XL T56 6-speed Solution to poor shifting in S197 Mustangs - Modern Driveline

Notice the ratios? If you go with the 2.66 first, it'll be like the MT-82's 2nd gear, and the T-56's 2nd gear will be like the MT-82's 3rd gear.

Not good IMO, unless you're making some crazy horsepower (FI), you'll probably be slower than before. Not good.

The 2.97 looks just right with the 3.73's.

Your MT-82 is a 3.66 first gear. You'll be dropping down a whopping 20% to a 2.97.
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