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I have the Tremec Magnum XL with 4:10s and a supercharger.
I chose the lower ratio 2.97 first etc., in other words, the lowest geared XL, meaning higher numbers.

Yes, you will really miss the 4th gear pull of the MT82.

I switched to 4:10s from my 3:73s in order to get closer to the numbers of the first gear of the MT82 with 3:73s.
You'll see what I mean right after you put the Tremec in but didn't put in 4:10s.

OK, the bad news is that the Magnum XL with 4:10s is not quite as quick as the MT82/3:73s is. But it's close
The good news is the shifting is wonderful and I'm more "streetable " with the Magnum XL/4:10s.

In hind sight, the Magnum XL with 4:10s was a good move.
BTW, the 2.97 first gear with 4:10s is way more useful than the MT82 with 3:73s.

.Be aware that I had some complications along the way having the conversion done, but it all worked out.
In this thread, there is a whole host of things I learned.

I also put on an MGW shifter. The standard Tremec Magnum XL is a long throw IMO.

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